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Live review: No Country for New Nashville: Pony Boy w/ Justin & the Cosmics & Lilly Hiatt

"Pony Boy is definitely one of the coolest new artists on the alt-country scene in terms of both sound and style, and we were happy to be there to catch her record release show...

Everything about Justin & the Cosmics frontman Justin Collins felt like an anachronism, from the way he dressed to the way he talked and sang, in a way that was certainly affected but didn’t feel fake, which made it instantly easy to see why Nashville artists are so eager to work with him as a producer. Collins has worked with the Black Lips supergroup Diamond Rugs frequently, and Justin & the Cosmics had one of the most talked-about EP releases of last year.

If you want to see a real punk band, not some indie band that calls themselves that because they use fuzz pedals and wear Converse, then Justin & the Cosmics is the band you need to see. There’s the Clash, the Modern Lovers, and even that original punk, Elvis, all in their sound. Collins is a sneering amalgam of, like, every early American male badass; Johnny Cash, James Dean, Elvis, and Dylan are all there. "  Read our full review and photos HERE

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